Checklist to Sell

ARDA's Recommended Checklist

Before you consider selling or cancelling your timeshare, contact your timeshare company to see what arrangements they can make with you. If you choose to hire a broker recommended by your timeshare company, ARDA has created a checklist of recommended information to gather for the selling process. This list from ARDA will help you prepare for the sale of your timeshare:
  • Name, address and phone number of your timeshare resort
  • The deed/contract/membership agreement which identifies the timeshare you own
  • The financing agreement (if you are still paying for the property) - you will have to pay this off before you can transfer you timeshare to a new owner
  • Title insurance information
  • Additional membership information
  • Exchange company information affiliated with your timeshare resort
  • The amount and due date of your maintenance fee and whether it has been paid for the current year
  • The amount of real estate taxes owed on your timeshare (if billed separately), the due date and whether they have been paid for the current year
  • The next date your timeshare will become available for a new owner to use it or make a reservation
  • Is your timeshare a fixed week or floating week and does it require an advanced reservation
  • Collect copies of resort's association rules and regulations, reservation rules and any other information helpful to a new owner, such as area attractions
  • Know whether or not your timeshare is legally classified as real estate or personal property
  • Contact your owner's association or resort manager to determine if there is any documentation they need in order to complete the sale of your unit
Timeshare Checklist to Sell