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Diamond Resorts Marks Win Against Timeshare Exit Company

November 19, 2019
Timeshare Exit Scams

After filing numerous lawsuits against timeshare exit companies on behalf of timeshare owners, Diamond Resorts® has come away with a strong win.

Diamond Resorts, an international resort company, initially filed a lawsuit against Jason Hemingway and his Missouri-based timeshare exit firm known as Principal Transfer Group, citing false advertising practices and breach of contract.

The Missouri Court recently ruled in favor of Diamond Resorts, giving the resort company the ability to file a motion for injunction and monetary damages.

Mike Flaskey, Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts, emphasized the importance of this win saying, "We hope that this and our prior legal victories sends a clear message to illegal companies looking to prey on our valued customers."

This ruling not only marks a victory for Diamond Resorts but also all timeshare owners looking to safely sell their timeshare. In June of 2019, the Better Business Bureau released an investigative study detailing the widespread fraud occurring within the timeshare exit industry. In Missouri alone, victims of timeshare exit scams have paid over $2.2 million to exit firms.

In an effort to protect timeshare owners from becoming victims of a timeshare exit scam, a number of vacation ownership companies are taking a stand against exit companies. If you think you have been a victim of a timeshare exit scam, visit our timeshare consumer protection page to learn more about the steps you should take to ensure you can safely end your timeshare ownership.

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