Exchange Your Timeshare Before You Sell

Remember the Reason You Bought Your Timeshare?

Chances are you purchased your timeshare so you would have infinite vacation opportunities through the exchange program. Don’t sign a contract with a fraudulent resale company and then wait for payment while you are still paying for your timeshare. Enjoy what you have already paid for and try something new with an exchange program. Timeshare owner satisfaction has been shown to be positively related to an affiliation with an exchange company.1 Try an exchange. You won't believe the places you can go near and far.

Get inspiration from RCI. Explore all the options at their youtube channels: RCI Vacations. ARDA provides useful tips on the exchange process. Don't sell your timeshare, use it and see the world!

1Gregory, A. M., Parsa, H. G., Nusair, K., Kwun, D. J., & Putrevu, S. (2015). Examining the effects of vacation ownership product attributes on customer satisfaction: An investigation of product purchase and use. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 27(1), 52-70.

Exchange Timeshare Before Sell