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See How These People Are Fighting To Expose Timeshare Exit Scams

September 17, 2018
Expose Timeshare Exit Scam

One quick search on Better Business Bureau will lead you to more than a hundred complaints against companies that promise to get you out of your timeshare quick. Promising to sell your timeshare for an upfront free, these timeshare - exit companies are running scams and taking money from owners and never selling their timeshare.

The complaints are coming from timeshare owners who were persuaded to work with exit
companies to sell their timeshare. During the process, these owners found themselves out of money, out of time and wishing that they had never used the exit company in the first place.

Even after owners have paid thousands of dollars and patiently waited to get out of their
timeshares, exit companies have told them that they should have no contact with their timeshare
company; however, this is ill-advised and can lead to foreclosure and hits to the owner's credit

In addition, exit companies are promising to sell timeshares within six to nine months, a
patently false promise. Some owners have stated that they have been waiting years for the exit
company to sell their timeshare and still, nothing has happened.

Despite, all of these issues with exit companies, timeshare companies do indeed have responsible ways for
owners to exit their timeshare without losing thousands of dollars, taking a hit on their credit
score or waiting years to be released from them. However, if owners have already paid an
upfront fee with an exit company before speaking with their timeshare company, they may never get a
refund from the exit company, so it is best for owners to talk to their timeshare company and figure out a
solution first before ever contacting an exit company.

To read the many complaints from timeshare owners who have been scammed by exit
companies, click here.

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