Timeshare Exit Information

If you're seeking to exit your timeshare, we've compiled some helpful tips to ensure timeshare consumers are better suited to combat scams and safely exit their timeshare!

Timeshare Exit Information
Exiting Your Timeshare Is Not Your Only Option
Before you rush to exit your timeshare, it's important to consider all of your options, especially considering how costly it can be to exit a timeshare. It's easy to get wrapped up in exit fees - legal, advertising, closing costs, etc. To avoid some of these costs, many timeshare owners turn to renting their timeshare unit. In fact, most timeshare companies offer a service to rent your timeshare out on your behalf.

Avoid Exit Company Scams And Timeshare Fraud
Timeshare owners and consumers frequently fall victim to timeshare frauds aimed at scamming individuals. One of the most common scams involves timeshare exit teams promising to help owners exit their timeshare, only to be scammed with excessive upfront fees and no results. Before timeshare consumers begin the process of exiting their timeshare, they should be aware of the telltale signs surrounding timeshare fraud.

Create Your Own Timeshare Exit Strategy
Being adequately prepared is the first step in avoiding a timeshare exit scam. If you're set on exiting your timeshare, you need to ensure you have a strategy in place to avoid scams and exit safely. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) has developed a recommended checklist of items that every timeshare owner should acquire before selling or cancelling their timeshare.

Looking To Exit Your Timeshare? There's A Website For That
As exit company scams continue to inflict financial turmoil for timeshare owners, a new website platform is working to provide consumers with the tools they need to safely and securely exit their timeshare. The Coalition for Responsible Exit, a coalition formed by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) in conjunction with other leading timeshare exchange companies, created www.ResponsibleExit.com, a website that provides detailed information for consumers wishing to alter their timeshare ownership.

ResponsibleExit.com gives consumers the tools they need to determine what their options are regarding selling, cancelling, changing, or exiting their timeshare. The platform provides step-by-step instructions on what consumers need to look for in their individual ownership documents, as well as details important points of contact for consumers. By providing a central and reliable platform for all timeshare exit needs, consumers will be more knowledgeable about what to look for regarding scams and will be equipped with the tools they need to safely control the future of their timeshare. Learn more about what this website can offer you.