Timeshare Exit Scams

The news media has featured consumers' stories of timeshare exit scams where timeshare owners and buyers were defrauded for thousands of dollars. These real-life examples of consumers who were scammed by third party resale companies tell a cautionary tale of fraudulent cancellation offers when considering hiring a timeshare exit company. Watch their stories below and learn how you can avoid similar pitfalls and economic losses.

Timeshare Exit Team Declines Consumers Request For Money-Back Guarante (2/26/2020)

  • Oneyda Molina paid Timeshare Exit Team $4,000 for an exit from her timeshare
  • After no results in over 3 years, Molina requested a refund from Timeshare Exit Team, but was refused
  • NBC Miami investigated the case and reported the Florida Attorney general received 170 complaints related to timeshare exit companies in 2019


  • In October 2017, a Missouri man hired Timeshare Exit Team to exit his timeshare, paying over $4,000 up-front
  • After more than two years, the Dave Ramsey-endorsed Timeshare Exit Team did not successfully exit the timeshare
  • Only after being contacted by the KMOV4 Investigation Team did Timeshare Exit Team return the up-front fee


  • According to the Arkansas Attorney General, consumers lost over $136,000 to the timeshare exit firm Real Travel LLC
  • AARP flags timeshare exit scams when an exit firm requests payment for services upfront or an unsolicited phone call
  • The Better Business Bureau currently has 3 active alerts for Real Travel LLC and gives the business an F rating
  • Fox 16 recommends consumers wishing to exit their timeshare to contact their timeshare company, which is the first step in our timeshare exit strategies

New BBB Warnings To Customers of Nashville-based Timeshare Company (12/3/18)

  • Your New Tennessee claims to be a real estate company with timeshare properties located in Mexico
  • Consumers are being scammed out of large amounts of money with nothing to show for it
  • Better Business Bureau warns potential and current customers to be wary of scams
  • Timeshare owners have reported losing tens of thousands of dollars to this fraudulent timeshare resale company
  • The exact location of the company is currently unknown
  • Do your research before agreeing to do business with a timeshare resale company


Be aware of timeshare reselling companies

  • Scammers say they have buyers lined up, but there's always a catch
  • The catch is you have to pay the taxes or maintenance fees upfront
  • Use a legitimate licensed broker to purchase timeshare. Beware sometimes scammers use license numbers of retired brokers
  • Be wary of any upfront fees
  • Verify with real estate commission they have a license
  • Be careful if they want you to wire them money - the companies may not exist

Timeshare Exit Company Collapse (9/28/18)

Aconsumer Credit collapse leaves consumers with lost money

  • Aconsumer Credit/timeshare exit company's sudden shutdown leaves unhappy consumers who paid thousands of dollars for services never rendered
  • Aconsumer Credit consumer complaints included lost money and questionable advice that ruins credit
  • The consumer's Timeshare company was not contacted by the timeshare exit company/Aconsumer Credit

Timeshare scammed breast cancer survivor

Denise Fleming shares how she was scammed and which agencies to file complaints with

  • She thought they were legitimate. Her banker and accountant checked them out. They appeared legit
  • They offered a guarantee. They provided proof that they had money in escrow for her and continually asked for more wire transfers
  • Don't lose money like she did. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
  • Submit complaints to state's Attorney General, FTC, FBI, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US Postal Inspection Service, and Better Business Bureau

3,000 BBB Complaints of Timeshare Buyer and Seller Scams - Austin (3/26/12)

BBB Suggests Tips for Avoiding Timeshare Scams

  • Never wire money
  • Beware of upfront fees
  • Do a cost analysis - does it make sense to sell your timeshare
  • Read all the fine print
  • The FBI is involved in international timeshare scams
  • Check out Econsumer.gov for information on international scams
  • Do your homework, check licenses
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is


The Florida Attorney General's office is investigating dozens of companies accused of timeshare resale fraud

  • More than 8,500 consumer have issued complaints with the Attorney General in Florida about timeshare resale companies in just ten months' time
  • Consumers paid these companies to sell their timeshare, but ended up deeper in debt
  • The pitch to market your timeshare often contains false claims
  • If they want money upfront, don't deal with them at all
  • It is easy to check the records on these timeshare resale companies through the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's office and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (for businesses operating in Florida)

Timeshare owner scammed $35,000 - Cleveland (5/18/17)

BBB says there's more reports of timeshare resale scams

  • It is a red flag if a company solicits you and uses high pressure sales tactics demanding taxes and fees upfront
  • Do your research on the company
  • Don't pay for a promise, never offer cash upfront
  • Tell them to have a nice day and hang up
  • Report the call to the local police

BBB Issues Warnings About Timeshare Scams (8/31/15)

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumer about several timeshare scams

  • Consumers have lost thousands of dollars with timeshare exit companies leading customers to believe they can resell their timeshare and claiming they have a buyer already lined up
  • Consumers pay the timeshare exit company an upfront fee up to $4000, plus taxes of up to $3,000 and a transaction fee up to $3,000
  • The BBB recommends staying away from companies that demand an upfront fee, but to use brokers that only receive a commission after the timeshare sells
  • Timeshare exit companies advertised offices were not where they claimed to be
  • The BBB recommends you research and confirm the address and make sure the company is licensed

Timeshare Exit Companies Scam Consumers (3/20/19)

Timeshare owners loses thousands in exit scams

  • Timeshare Exit company promises the transaction to take 3-9 months, but after 3 years consumers still have not sold their timeshare and paid $3600
  • The consumer requested a refund from the Timeshare Exit company that was guaranteed, but has not yet received
  • Timeshare Exit company's BBB rating was removed due to not abiding by their 100% guarantee for a refund
  • Another Timeshare Exit company posed as a Chicago company and fraudulently represented a realtor in Illinois
  • The consumer wired $11,000 in funds to Mexico, but the timeshare was never sold and she was not able to cancel
  • Be careful, do not wire money to banks outside the US to sell your timeshare

Northeast Ohio Timeshare Exit Company Scamming Timeshare Owners (9/12/19)

  • News 5 Cleveland is advising consumers not to pay any upfront money to companies promising to help them exit their timeshares
  • Fraudulent businesses contact timeshare owners and claim they have a buyer lined up willing to pay handsomely for the consumer's unused timeshare
  • After receiving a large initial payment from the consumer, companies continue to request further payment before going radio silent
  • News 5 found that the address listed as the company's headquarters doesn't exist
  • BBB recommends first contacting your timeshare company, if you wish to exit
  • Consumers should also confirm that any timeshare resale company is licensed to sell real estate
  • Consumers should never wire money to a timeshare exit company

Consumers Losing Thousands To Missouri Timeshare Exit Company (6/6/19)

  • Timeshare owners looking to sell their timeshare paid an exit company $18,000. However, the company has yet to provide results
  • The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of an increase in Missouri-based timeshare exit company scams, citing over 700 complaints from consumers across the nation
  • ARDA has highlighted various red flags consumers need to watch out for when looking to exit their timeshare
  • Timeshare exit company guarantees do not always result in successful timeshare exits
  • Research timeshare exit companies before agreeing to do business with them