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Timeshare Exit Team Faces Lawsuit By Washington Attorney General

February 7, 2020
Timeshare Exit Scams
The Attorney General of Washington has filed a lawsuit against Timeshare Exit Team, a Dave Ramsey endorsed company. Timeshare Exit Team has been indicted for guiding owners through invalid or unsafe exits, carrying out deceptive exits that were not as advertised, misrepresenting the expertise and capabilities that they possess, and advertising a deceptive and illusory money-back guarantee. According to the lawsuit, Timeshare Exit Team's exit methods expose customers to debt collection, foreclosure, lawsuits, credit damage, unanticipated tax liability, and other negative consequences.

Even while endorsed by Dave Ramsey, Timeshare Exit Team has faced a myriad of litigation and accusations. Dave Ramsey's website claims that Timeshare Exit Team has a proven track record, no risk guarantee, and successfully exited over 4,000 timeshares. However, it's uncertain why these claims are listed as the Washington Attorney General clearly outlines their money-back guarantee as illusory and deceptive, with nearly 15,000 customers in limbo awaiting an exit.

"Attorney General Ferguson's legal action sheds light on an ongoing scheme against consumers that we have been warning about for years - exit companies making empty promises to 'help' unsuspecting consumers, and then pocketing thousands of dollars without providing services," said Robert Clements, VP of Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel of ARDA.

In the complaint, Attorney General Ferguson characterized Timeshare Exit Team's business model as based on deception:

"Virtually every aspect of Defendants' operation is deceptive and/or unfair in violation of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), and thousands of people across the country and in Canada - including over 2,500 consumers in Washington - have fallen victim to Defendants' practices."

Owners who are thinking about getting rid of their timeshare to discuss their exit options with their timeshare resort before seeking help from a third-party exit firm. Timeshare.com provides timeshare exit strategies owners with the tools they need to safely exit their timeshare. Timeshare owners can also visit www.responsibleexit.com to learn about exiting their timeshares.

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