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Timeshare Resale Scam In Florida Causes $3 Million In Losses

April 1, 2019
Timeshare Resale Scam

A man out of Orlando, Florida was recently sentenced to more than five years in prison for his actions alongside his group of co-conspirators for defrauding more than 1,000 innocent timeshare owners.

There is over $3 million in losses
Daniel Martin Boyar, otherwise known as "Wolf", operated out of Orlando, Florida with 20 co-conspirators. They activated a telemarketing scam using stolen data to identify timeshare owners.

Boyar and his group would offer to sell the victims' timeshares on the condition that the victims pay half of the costs associated with the sales in advance. The truth is that there were never any real buyers nor any timeshare sales. The Department of Justice refers to this tactic as "the buyer's pitch".

The scammers used fake identities and would temporarily lease office space around the country to appear as reputable timeshare sales companies, a large number of whom were elderly. Victims, a large number of whom were elderly, were tricked by the use of fake telephone numbers to make it seem like they were calling from the location of the fake company.

Being aware of the tactics used by timeshare exit scammers and knowing how to spot timeshare scams is essential in avoiding being caught up in one. Third party timeshare resales are a common way scammers are able to trick victims into using their fake service.

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