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Tips For First Time Train Travelers

February 4, 2019
Tips For First Time Train Travelers

Planning your next timeshare vacation and looking for a different means of travel? Traveling by train is a great way to see and explore the world, and it's convenient too! If you're a first timer, we're here to help you get the most out of your railway journey with these simple tips for rookie train travelers.

Make Sure You Have The Proper Documents And Arrive Early
Just like plane travel, having the proper travel documents and planning on an early arrival time is key to making sure your train trip goes smoothly. (Not to mention an early arrival can get you a better seat!) Nothing is worse than being unprepared and missing your train, especially if you have a connection on the other end.

Bring Necessary Travel Items
Just like with car or air travel, train travel can become uncomfortable if you aren't prepared. Avoid boredom with a good book, your e-reader, or a magazine and keep your stomach quiet with a few of your favorite snacks. Headphones, a neck pillow and sunglasses are a few other must-have items that are sure to make your trip more enjoyable. Check out Amtrak's pre-departure checklist for tips on packing for train travel.

Get Familiar With The Stations
Getting a good grasp on where you're traveling to and the stations along the way can help ease the stress of travel. Do some research and find the station for your point of departure, your destination, and any points of interest in between. Depending on how much time you have, you can scope out things to see near the train station as well!

Pay Attention To the Times
Throughout your trip, the train will have a set schedule with a variety of stops at different times. It's easy to get distracted on your phone or doze off during your trip. Set the alarm on your phone to be sure you don't miss your stop. Be aware of which stops are rest stops, which are meant for dropping off and picking up passengers and, of course, which stop is yours.

Enjoy The View And Relax
No matter where you're heading, remember to sit back, relax, and put on your favorite playlist - it just might make your trip a little more easy-going. Arrive early, grab the window seat, and enjoy your surroundings. Chances are, you're getting to see a view of the country you don't normally get to see, so enjoy it.

To learn more about how to make your first time train ride go smoothly, check out this article from Smart Travel.

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