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Top Five Benefits Of Your Timeshare Maintenance Fees

January 25, 2019

Do you ever wonder what's in it for you when you pay your timeshare resort maintenance fees? A lot! Read on to find out our top five benefits of timeshare resort maintenance fees.

1. Refurbished Furniture, Appliances and Amenities
Your maintenance fees keep your timeshare unit updated and looking great for maximum comfort and convenience. Maintenance fees help stock your timeshare with things like fresh towels and linens for you and the whole family. They also support the upkeep of modern appliances.

2. Beautiful Grounds
Your maintenance fees not only keep your individual unit looking great, but also make sure the grounds surrounding your timeshare stay in tip-top shape. By paying for things like groundskeepers and landscaping tools (like lawnmowers, flowers, mulch, and grass), your maintenance fees help ensure you will always return to a beautiful timeshare resort, year after year.

3. Maintained Facilities
You have your maintenance fees to thank for the upkeep of all the facilities your timeshare resort has to offer, such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts etc.

4. Full Staff
If you've ever enjoyed being greeted at check-in upon arrival at your timeshare or appreciated the housekeeping, then you have your maintenance fees to thank! All the staff at your timeshare resort from the front desk concierge to the maintenance staff are paid for by your maintenance fees, allowing you to fully relax on your timeshare vacation.

5. Fun Activities
Your timeshare maintenance fees allow you to enjoy plenty of fun activities without ever having to leave your timeshare resort! Organized activities like pool games, crafts and movies on the lawn are all made possible by your maintenance fees.

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