Vacation Cost Estimates

Your Timeshare is More Affordable in the Long Run

The average price of timeshare ownership is around $20,000, but some timeshare packages can start as low as $11,000. In the illustration below, you'll see that over time, you can save a significant amount of money with a timeshare program (not including potential savings on food by being able to cook and comfortably eat in your timeshare accommodations, in addition to all the complimentary amenities and activities at the resort).

According to ARDA and the U.S. Travel Association
Average Annual Vacation (3- or 4-star hotel) price: $3,000
Future Vacations over 20 Years: $60,000

Average Timeshare Purchase Price: $20,000
Annual Maintenance Fees: $700
Future Vacations over 20 Years: $34,000

Savings over 20-year period = over $25,000
Timeshares Owners report 85% satisfaction rate

Vacation Cost Estimates
Timeshare Bedroom

Timeshares Often Have More to Offer

Timeshare vacations are about getting more value for your vacation dollars. Timeshares provide spacious, well-appointed condo-style accommodations with the comforts of home, making your vacations more enjoyable. And timeshare vacations often provide families a resort experience with onsite or nearby activities like golf, swimming, tennis, boating, skiing, dining, and planned activities for adults and children.

The Flexibility of Timeshare Vacations

With today's points-based timeshare programs, you determine when you want to vacation and how much vacation currency you want to spend. Today's timeshare owners aren't limited to the seven-day blocks of vacation that many people associate with traditional timeshares. You can customize your vacations and tailor your purchase to meet your unique needs - whether you are single, a couple just starting out, or a family with children, you can choose from studio suites to four-bedroom units, and from weekend getaways to week-long retreats.

Timeshare Flexible
Timeshare Family

Bequeathing Your Timeshare

You may be able to pass your timeshare ownership along to your children, allowing them and their families to have affordable and flexible vacations in the future.

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