Why Can't I Sell My Timeshare?

Here are some common reasons why timeshare owners can't sell their property!

If you are having difficulty selling your timeshare on the resale market, there could be a few reasons why. We've broken down some common mistakes timeshare owners make when trying to exit their timeshare.

Have You Asked About Your Timeshare Company's Exit Program?
Many timeshare companies have exit programs in place. Visit ARDA's ResponsibleExit.com to see a list of companies in the timeshare industry with exit options from timeshare ownership. This is a reliable way to ensure you can safely and fully exit your timeshare. Reach out to your respective timeshare company to see whether or not they have exit programs available before trying the resale market.

Why Can't I Sell My Timeshare
Have you considered the fees involved in exiting?
Numerous fees can be accrued when trying to sell a timeshare property. From legal fees and transfer fees to advertising costs and closing costs, the exit process from vacation ownership can be a daunting task when putting up timeshares for sale. In addition, owners must fully pay off their loans before they can even attempt to sell their property. However, there are other options for timeshare owners like renting or exchanging that allow them to keep their timeshare and use it to its fullest potential.

Have You Enlisted Help From A Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Company?
If you decided to use a third-party timeshare exit company in an attempt to exit your timeshare, you may be reeling from the effects of paying large upfront fees with little to no services provided. Using a timeshare exit company is a gamble and can easily push you further in debt, all the while leaving you with an unsold property. Be sure to perform proper research on a company before signing a contract with them.

Have You Explored All Of Your Options Like Timeshare Rentals?
If the market to sell is not in your favor, it may be time to examine other strategies. Rent your timeshare as a great way to recoup maintenance fee costs, while still being able to enjoy many of the benefits of owning a timeshare in the long term. Be sure to contact your timeshare company or HOA to learn how you can rent out your timeshare.

When deciding to sell, review the checklist to sell to ensure you have followed all the necessary steps for selling your timeshare or vacation club property.