This website is owned and maintained by Wyndham Destinations as an informational resource for our current and prospective timeshare owners, and as an educational resource for anyone interested in learning more about timeshare.

The general information provided in this website is not specific to any one timeshare company. Every timeshare development company will have different products, programs, features and requirements, and different pricing structures.

  • If you are a timeshare owner today, you should work directly with your resort company to understand the specifics of your contract.
  • If you are considering a timeshare, use this website as a guide to explore the best possible timeshare product for your family vacation needs. No matter the timeshare company you choose, you will be able to create vacations for a lifetime!

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is the trade association representing most of the leading timeshare companies in the United States. It offers additional information and insights to timeshare ownership and operations.

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