Exit Safely

Exiting from your timeshare ownership can and should be an easy process. 

  • Start by talking to your timeshare company to learn about the options available to you.  Some timeshare companies offer give-back or buy-back programs, help with transferring ownership, provide recommended resellers and other exit solutions. Contact membership services at your timeshare company to help discuss your available options – often at no cost. This is the safest method to exit your timeshare contract.

  • It may be tempting to seek the help of third-party timeshare exit firms who charge large upfront fees to end timeshare contracts – but don’t!  There is a growing number of scam marketing firms using aggressive tactics that mislead consumers with false advertising, charge upfront fees, provide misguided contractual advice and rarely deliver the services promised.  Research any firm before doing business with them and check their ranking with the Better Business Bureau. 

  • In addition to working with your timeshare developer company, there are reputable timeshare resellers that provide timeshare exiting services but research the company to understand their fees and services. Look for licensed real estate brokers who specialize in timeshare sales.
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