Sell Your Timeshare Safely

If you want to resell your timeshare property, you can do so on your own or through the help of a licensed resale broker or firm. Contact your timeshare company or HOA for recommended reputable resale companies that can help with the sale or advertising of your timeshare.

Due to the prevalence of fraudulent resellers, it will be important to work only with a licensed company.  Always research any firm before doing business with them and understand all the required fees.  The status of real estate brokers or firms can be checked through the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and through ARDA-ROC’s Resale Resource Center which provides a list of licensed resellers.

Factors that will impact the price of your timeshare will vary based on age of the product, product type, resort amenities, exchange options, location and time of year, as well as comparable inventory and other various economic factors.

And, remember to have all your timeshare documents in order before selling your property.

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