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Latest Timeshare News

August 13, 2019

Thrilling Destinations for Roller Coaster Fans

Are you looking for a thrilling vacation? Check out these top timeshare destinations with some of the wildest coasters in the nation.

Top Timeshare News

June 10, 2019

Timeshare Industry Reports Growth & High Occupancy

The growth in Timeshares indicates the industry is evolving to meet consumer demand for experiential and value-driven vacation products.

Timeshare Ownership Stories

September 23, 2019

Kiplinger Reports about Timeshare Exit Scams

Fraudulent timeshare exit companies are scamming older timeshare owners. Learn more about their scare tactics to take thousands in upfront fees.

Top Stories

Longer Life and Timeshare Ownership

The Surprising Connection Between Living Longer and Timeshares

Learn more about the health benefits of vacationing!

Consumer Reports Says Timeshares Makes Economic Sense

Consumer Reports Says "A Timeshare Makes Economic Sense"

Consumer Reports examines the costs of vacationing and determines owning a timeshare pays off!

BBB: Company never sells timeshares, charges fees in scam

Timeshare Owner Scammed $35,000

BBB says there's more reports of timeshare resale scams!

Have Timeshare Exit Questions? We Have Answers You Can Trust!

Explore Your Timeshare Options

Don't get scammed by a fraudulent timeshare exit company. Do your homework first before you give your credit card or cancel your timeshare. Utilize the resources and tools on to learn about your options and exit strategies. Discover valuable information that will help you avoid losing thousands of dollars.

Why Own a Timeshare

Keep your promise to vacation every year

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The Timeshare Difference

Kitchens, living/dining rooms, bedrooms

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Rent Before You Sell

Learn about options for renting your timeshare

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Exchange and Explore the World

Exchange your timeshare for another destination

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Exit Your Timeshare

Find programs with reputable companies

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Discover the Timeshare Resort Difference

Buy Timeshare Resorts
Timeshare Vacations

Spacious Units

Enjoy kitchens, living and dining rooms.

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Timeshare Lazy River
Timeshare Vacations

Resort Amenities

Float down fun lazy rivers.

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Timeshare Beach Resort
Timeshare Vacations

Beachfront Resorts

Chill on sugar sand beaches.

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Timeshare Mountain Resort
Timeshare Vacations

Ski Resorts

Walk to the gondola and hit the slopes.

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Timeshare Bedroom Whirlpool
Timeshare Vacations

Private Bedrooms

Relax in the master bath's whirlpool tub.

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Game Room Timeshare Resort
Timeshare Vacations

Resort Amenities

Kids of all ages love game rooms.

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Pool Timeshare Resort
Timeshare Vacations

Urban Destinations

Make a splash with rooftop views.

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Hawaii Timeshare
Timeshare Vacations


Experience Aloha in a tropical paradise.

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