Signs of Timeshare Fraud

For your own safety and financial security, it is important to know the signs of fraud.

There are several solicitations and scare tactics being used by predatory marketing firms – and all promise services they likely do not actually provide.

  • Some falsely suggest owners turn over their points in return for money or claim that owners will be assessed for COVID-19 costs.
  • Some try to lure owners into a scheme to pay thousands of dollars to exit their ownership.
  • Some have pushed owners further in debt by wrongly advising them to stop paying their assessment fees.
  • Some claim to be a representative of a timeshare developer company or with ARDA.  ARDA provides up-to-date information on timeshare consumer protection and a list of companies using the ARDA logo or name fraudulently. Visit ARDA's web site for consumer advisories with the latest alerts on scams in the resale market.
  • Most companies contact you first and offer a 100% guarantee to end your timeshare contract while requesting thousands of dollars in upfront fees.

Additionally, in most in cases, if you retain a timeshare exit attorney your timeshare developer company is legally prohibited from working directly with you on a financial solution. This has caused confusion for some owners who try to reach out to their developer for help after the firm fails to deliver the services and are told by the developer that they can’t help.

Before turning to a third-party, always contact your timeshare developer company first to learn about available exit solutions include financial hardship cases. 

Wyndham Destinations closely monitors fraudulent or misleading activity by third parties who use predatory marketing tactics to target owners with so-called “exit” offers. If you suspect you or someone you know has been a target of fraud, report it to:

As an additional resource, visit for information from ARDA about exiting your timeshare.

Remember, the best — and most cost efficient — way to exit your timeshare ownership is to work directly with your timeshare company.

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