February 9, 2024

Timeshare Exchange: Your Official Guide

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For those who enjoy vacationing at their favorite destinations year after year, timeshares offer a unique way to own a piece of paradise. However, there may come a time when timeshare owners want to explore new places. That is where timeshare exchanges come into play. Learn more about timeshare exchanges, including what they are, how they work, and the best exchange companies to choose from if you want to exchange timeshare.

What Is a Timeshare Exchange?

A timeshare exchange is a system that allows timeshare owners to swap their ownership rights or usage weeks with owners of other timeshares. The primary goal of a timeshare exchange is to allow owners to vacation at different resorts or locations without having to purchase additional timeshares. This way, you can experience a variety of vacation destinations and accommodations without the burden of full-time ownership at multiple locations.

Here's how timeshare exchange programs typically work: Let's say you own a timeshare at a beachfront resort in Hawaii, but you've been dreaming of a skiing trip in the Swiss Alps. With a timeshare exchange, you can trade your Hawaii timeshare for a resort in Switzerland, allowing you to explore new destinations while making the most of your timeshare investment.

Which Timeshare Exchange Company is the Best?

The timeshare exchange industry has several reputable companies, each offering unique features and benefits. The best choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few of the best timeshare exchange companies:

RCI (Resort Condominiums International)

RCI is one of the oldest and most established timeshare exchange companies in the world. They offer a vast network of affiliated resorts, providing timeshare owners with various vacation options. RCI's points-based system allows greater flexibility in exchanging and choosing vacation destinations.

Interval International

Interval International is another leading timeshare exchange company. They have a diverse portfolio of affiliated resorts worldwide, and their exchange program is known for its reliability and customer service.


7Across (formerly DAE) is a popular choice for straightforward and affordable exchange options. They offer a simple exchange process and don't require membership fees, making them a budget-friendly choice for timeshare owners.

SFX Preferred Resorts

SFX Preferred Resorts is known for its exclusive network of high-quality timeshare resorts. While they have a smaller inventory compared to other exchange companies, their focus on luxury and quality can make it an attractive option for discerning travelers.

Wyndham Destinations

If you own a Wyndham timeshare, the company offers an internal exchange program, which allows Wyndham timeshare owners to exchange their weeks within their network of resorts.

The "best" timeshare exchange company for you depends on various factors, including the location of your timeshare, your budget, and the specific benefits and services you value. It's essential to research and compare the options available to find the one that aligns with your needs.

How Do You Swap Timeshares?

Swapping timeshares through an exchange company is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to swap your timeshare:


Join a timeshare exchange company of your choice or check with your club to see if an exchange program is included in your timeshare ownership.


Once you're a member, deposit your timeshare week or points with the exchange company. Specify the week you want to exchange or the number of points you want to deposit.

Search and Confirm:

Browse the exchange company's inventory for available weeks at your desired destination. You can also specify the type of accommodation you prefer and other criteria. Once you find a suitable match, confirm the exchange.

Pay Exchange Fee:

Pay any applicable exchange fees, which can vary by company and complexity of the exchange.

Enjoy Your Vacation:

With the exchange confirmed and fees settled, you can enjoy your vacation at the new destination. Ensure you adhere to the resort's rules and guidelines during your stay.

It's worth noting that popular destinations and peak seasons may have higher demand, making it essential to plan your exchange well in advance. Additionally, the earlier you deposit your timeshare with the exchange company, the better your chances of securing your desired exchange.

How Do Timeshare Companies Work?

Timeshare exchange companies act as the middleman between owners wishing to swap their weeks. Here's how they typically operate:


Exchange companies have partnerships and affiliations with various timeshare resorts and properties worldwide. These affiliations create a vast network of vacation options for timeshare owners.


Timeshare owners who want to participate in exchanges become members of the exchange company by paying an annual fee. This membership grants them access to the company's inventory of timeshare weeks available for exchange.

Inventory and Points:

Some exchange companies use a points-based system. Timeshare owners are allocated points based on the size of their timeshare, the season they own, and other factors. You can use these points to book vacations at affiliated resorts.

Deposit and Request:

Timeshare owners deposit their week or weeks with the exchange company. They can then request specific destinations and dates they want to exchange for.

Search and Confirm:

Exchange members search the exchange company's inventory for available weeks at their desired destinations. Once they find a suitable match, they can confirm the exchange (subject to availability and the exchange company's rules).


Timeshare exchange companies often charge fees for various services, including membership, exchange, and guest certificates. It's important to understand and budget for these fees when participating in timeshare exchanges.

Feedback and Support:

Companies typically provide customer support to assist members throughout the exchange process. After the exchange, they often encourage feedback to improve their services and maintain the quality of their network.

Timeshare exchanges are a fantastic way to diversify your vacation experiences while maximizing the value of your timeshare ownership. The choice of the best timeshare exchange company depends on your needs, budget, and preferences. By understanding the process of swapping timeshares and how exchange companies work, you can embark on a journey of discovery and adventure, all while making the most of your timeshare investment. So, start exploring new horizons and create unforgettable memories through timeshare exchanges.



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