JANUARY 23, 2019
Wyndham Destinations Working to Help Consumers Who Lost Money in Timeshare Exit Scheme

This past Friday, attorneys for Wyndham Destinations announced plans to set up an account and email to assist hundreds of consumers to recover lost funds from an alleged timeshare scheme.

According to Wyndham Destinations Orlando law firm, Shutts and Bowen, 300 people lost $15 million to the Ormond Beach timeshare exit company.

Veteran attorney Alfred "Bud" Bennington told News 6 that while it is not clear how much money could be recovered, attorneys for Wyndham Destinations hope to provide a financial lifeline to consumers.

"They (Wyndham) have authorized me to tell those Wyndham owners victimized by ACC (A Consumer Credit) and/or its principal, Dan Mcallef, that any recovery made in any of the court proceedings against ACC and Mcallef will not go to Wyndham, but rather Wyndham will give any money it collects, in a proportionate amount, to the Wyndham consumers who were ripped off by ACC and Mcallef as a sign of good faith," said Bennington.

Shutts and Bowen set up a special email account to help consumers involved in the timeshare exit scam to find possible restitution. Alleged victims can email TimeshareExitScam@shutts.com to learn more.

"I got burned really bad. I hope we get the money soon, I need the money," said Karen Eaton of Kentucky.
The release of funds will depend on how much is recovered in the legal action against AConsumer Credit and its CEO Dana Mcallef.

"In my 40 years of practice this is an extraordinary circumstance," Bennington said, "I believe that some of the acts that have been committed clearly constitute criminal activity on the part of Mr. Mcallef, no question about it."

An investigation has uncovered a trail of victims from Kentucky to Florida. To learn more from our source, click here.

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