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Top Five Benefits Of Timeshare Ownership

April 12, 2019
Timeshare Ownership Benefits

A good vacation is priceless with memories that last a lifetime. Vacations can bring you joy, prevent burnout, decrease stress, and introduce you to new people, places and experiences. The best parts about vacationing with a timeshare is being able to "own your vacation" and taking advantage of the many perks that come with it. Read on for our list of the top five benefits of timeshare ownership.

1. Vacations Are Proven To Be Good for Your Health
A 40-year study performed by the University of Finland concluded that taking steps to reduce stress, such as vacationing, is essential to reducing the risk of illnesses like cardiovascular disease. Owning a timeshare is your ticket to living a less stressful life.

2. Timeshares Keep Up With Your Changing Needs
Whether you are single, married, have young or adult children, or are retired, timeshares can be adapted to fit your lifestyle. With more and more timeshares offering greater flexibility, you can find a timeshare compatible with whatever stage of life you are in.

3. You Save Money In The Long Run
Timeshares make it extremely easy to travel on a budget. Taking advantage of the many amenities that come with your timeshare; kitchen, laundry and built-in activities, is a great way to cut down on those extra vacation costs. Check out the average cost of timeshare vacations versus a regular vacation here.

4. You Have Endless Travel Options
Looking to mix it up this year? No problem! Timeshare exchange companies allow you to exchange your timeshare to vacation all over the world. That's the great thing about timeshares - if you own points you have the flexibility to use them at different locations, for different periods of time, and in different unit sizes. Be sure to check with your timeshare company for more details.

5. You Can Rent/Share Your Timeshare
If you find yourself unable to use your timeshare one year, don't panic! You can choose to rent out your timeshare or, if you're feeling generous, let your friends and family use it.

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