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What Your Timeshare Attorney Isn't Telling You

January 22, 2019
What Your Timeshare Attorney Isn't Telling You

When choosing to transition out of vacation ownership, you might be contemplating hiring a timeshare legal expert. But before making a decision, it's important to know that might not be the best solution. Read on to find out what your timeshare attorney won't tell you before you pay the bill.

Legal Fees Can Add Up
Before you hire a timeshare attorney, understand the costs associated and evaluate whether or not you are prepared to spend that money. Consider if it will be worth it in the end.

You Shouldn't Be Paying Upfront
Timeshare attorneys may provide you with a free consultation, but that may only be to lock you into paying expensive fees once the consultation is over. If a timeshare attorney asks you for an up-front fee, run! You should never pay for work before you know the outcome.

They Haven't Done This Before
In reality, very few attorneys specialize in timeshare law. Be confident that your timeshare attorney knows everything about your specific issues related to your vacation ownership. Always ask for a list of references, previous experience, and all relevant qualifications before entering into a contract.

There's More to the Story
You should be able to 100% trust that your timeshare attorney is working in your best interest. Many timeshare attorneys may not disclose how they will actually attempt to exit you from your timeshare since they lack the necessary legal means to do so. Before hiring a timeshare attorney, make sure they are completely transparent about their fees, are well-versed in timeshare law, and can communicate in a straightforward manner.

There May Be an Easier Option Out There
Using an attorney is not the only option for exiting a timeshare. Before committing to an expensive attorney, explore your options. Start by contacting your timeshare company directly and ask about the options specifically available to you and how you can fully enjoy your vacation ownership.

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